Salesforce Integration

Automate data collection, document generation, and signature capture within Salesforce.

Create custom, intelligent workflows in Salesforce

With Formstack Forms for Salesforce, you can collect data and send it to records in Salesforce. Track, manage, and develop customer relationships with one, easy-to-use platform.
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Map Fields

Map fields from your forms into Salesforce to create new records or upsert existing records. 

Optimize Data

Enhance your data collection with A/B testing, Partial Submissions, and form drop-off analytics. 

Go Offline

Collect offline data via the Formstack Go mobile app and sync the data you collect into Salesforce.

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To learn how to set up the Salesforce integration, read this help article. Formstack also enables you to manage forms built directly in Salesforce via our Salesforce app

Create, deliver, and sign documents

With the Formstack Documents integration, you can pull Salesforce contact data into mapped fields within your document templates. Create custom, engaging sales documents in minutes.
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Eliminate Errors

Eliminate human error and paper-based processes by automating the creation, delivery, and signing of all types of documents. 

Automate Documents

Free your team from having to manually copy and paste information into your documents.

Simplify Workflows

Enjoy the ease of a unified workflow that can pass information to multiple documents at once.

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Read this help article to learn how to set up your own Salesforce document generation workflows. 

Automate digital signatures

Customize documents within Salesforce and deliver them anywhere with digital signature routing via Formstack Sign.
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Deliver Documents

Deliver documents to prospects, customers, and employees for digital signature via email or text.

Update Records

Sync signed documents back to Salesforce and seamlessly update records.

Maintain Compliance

Collect data, create documents, and capture signatures with a single, compliant workflow.

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Read this help article to learn how to set up your own Salesforce and Formstack Sign connection via Formstack Documents.