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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Automate sales workflows and improve performance by combining the power of Microsoft Dynamics with Formstack.
Microsoft Dynamics
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Seamlessly manage contacts, leads, and opportunities

With Microsoft Power Automate, you can connect Formstack Forms to Microsoft Dynamics CRM to collect form data and send it directly to your Dynamics account. Easily automate the creation and updating of leads, opportunities, accounts, and contacts. No manual data entry needed.
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Route Data

Send form data to mapped fields in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM account. Actions and fields can be set up in just a few clicks.

Automate Updates

Instantly create and update leads, opportunities, and contacts. Your team will never have to waste time on manual uploads again.

Collect Insights

Use the data you gather from your forms and surveys to respond to opportunities faster and pull out useful insights on your customers.

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Read this help article to learn how to set up the Microsoft Dynamics integration with Formstack Forms.

Automate your sales document creation

With the Microsoft Dynamics integration for Formstack Documents, you can input sales data directly into contracts, reports, and other files. Eliminate paper from your workflows, and improve the efficiency of your sales team. You can connect Documents to Dynamics in two ways depending on what’s best for your workflow: Microsoft Power Automate or Zapier.
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Merge Data

Seamlessly merge Microsoft Dynamics CRM data into custom documents based on the triggers you choose. Types of data you can merge include names, emails, addresses, descriptions, and more.

Generate Documents

Create an automated process that generates documents for you. No paper required. Easily create custom proposals, quotes, presentations, and other sales documents.

Deliver Anywhere

Instantly deliver generated documents to customers and coworkers through a variety of methods, including email, Formstack Sign, and dozens of third-party apps.

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To learn how to set up a Dynamics automation workflow with Formstack Documents, check out these help articles:

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